What’s your Soul’s Calling?

  • Do you feel these times are calling you to participate more fully, but you are asking yourself, “what is mine to do”?
  • Do you know the gifts that you are uniquely here to offer in service of the world?
  • Are you wondering what your potential is ‘that is present but not yet manifest’?


This is an invitation to a shared inquiry into each of our life’s purpose; our ‘soul’s calling’.

Drawing on resources such as Chapter 6 of the book Collective Presencing, along with other sources, like Jeff Carreira’s Artists of Possibility, and True Purpose; also Otto Scharmer and Theory U, we will explore our unique offerings. This will not be a collective inquiry into a shared question, but about shining the light on, uncovering, and articulating the uniqueness of each one of us and our contribution to the whole.

This is in service of a larger sense to which many people feel called to contribute, but don’t know what is theirs to do. As we see it, this increase is a demand from the universe to address this so that more of us can be of service to the whole. The greater humanity and consciousness is in need of our individual gifts to be brought forward now. 

The group will help you to find clarity, to uncover your courage to lead, to call something into being, to hear what is particularly yours to give. This generative group listening into one person at a time may only bring a glimpse of what is beneath, but the depth from which it comes will bring insights that promise to continue. The purpose of these sessions is not therapy; although some healing may very well happen. 

The sessions will include group focused time for each participant, hearing each one speak about their passion, their calling, their doubts, their not knowing, their fire, their smallest inklings.
This group will offer:

  • Deep listening 
  • Curiosity about what is below the surface
  • Insights, images, movements, or other offerings that come up while listening
  • Reflections on what might lie in the waiting

The process might include some reading or collective meditation, inspirational text, art, or poetry touching on the quality of uniqueness and the necessity of it being drawn into service.


We are asking for a heart-based contribution that matches both your wallet and your heart. It should feel good to you, both in what you receive here and in helping to sustain us. A basic proposal is between 385 Euros / $470 and 180 Euros / $220 but the point is that it feels right to you. And in these times there are those for whom any amount is untenable. We accept that, as well. 

Feeling into this, first decide whether this is right for you (or not) and that you will commit to participating in all six sessions (dates and times below). This commitment includes showing up, listening deeply, and offering what is true for you. Then sense what amount of payment feels right. 


Group size is held small: max. 5 participants (first come, first served)
Sessions: 6 times, weekly, 2 hours each
Dates: starts Febr. 15 & 22; March 1, 8, 15, 22; 2021
Times: 9-11am MT, 11am-1pm ET, 5-7pm CET

Guides on your journey:
Kim Maynard & Ria Baeck

To register or for more information, send an email to: ria@percolab.com