We already have a great bibliography at the end of the book itself, so no need to repeat it here!


Below are three snippets from an interview in 2017 – yes, the same as on the home page! – from the We-Space Summit. More snippets, the full interview and the panel interview on our Youtube channel!

How it all began! Where the original spark came from that led, eventually, to this book.
How one type of circle practice came to its end, and another level was intuited.
There is always more potential, in individuals, in teams, in larger systems – and the unfolding isn’t linear


Thanks to Bonnitta Roy, David from the Emerge podcast interviewed me late 2018. I found it, at times, a really generative dialogue! Here is the interview on

Building on…

Art of Hosting – global network of practitioners of ‘conversations that matter’

The Circle Way – going back to the basics of circle practice

On Dialogue – how David Bohm looked at dialogue and its potential for the world

Theory U / Presencing – by Otto Scharmer and Presencing Institute


I deeply realise that the content of this book is part of a wider shift in consciousness. Below you find some people, initiatives or frameworks that seem to be of the same ‘family’.

Alderlore Insight Center – Bonnie Roy

Action Inquiry Leadership – Bill Torbert

the Pocket Project – Thomas Hübl

One World in Dialogue – Elisabeth Debold and Tom Steiniger

See also…

Over time, I kept a selection of videos that speak to some aspects of the Collective Presencing practice. I never published them. Here they are for you to browse through…

My encounters with Bonnitta Roy have been crucial in the deeper understanding what this whole book is about. It was her who pointed me into the direction of Jean Gebser’s book The Ever Present Origin. I am for ever grateful she did!

In this video she explains in quite simple terms, with a lot of patience and with a deep understanding what is of essence in his book. She frames it in the program she was running at that time – the Magellan Courses. Her current work is gathered on this website

Lots of people know the poet David Whyte. As I am not a native English speaker most poetry is way too difficult for me to understand, but most of the time, David uses a simple language, that he even repeats – quite helpful for me! In his own style of poetry and own style of reading it out, he makes essential points about the interconnectedness of everything – the conversational nature of reality.

It was Vanessa Reid who spoke first about Conscious Closure; exactly with the story she shares in this video. At that moment – in a gathering in Greece – it held way more detail, but it is still quite valid – for everyone in these times when older structures have to die and newer ones are rising.

Larry Merculieff is an indigenous elder from up north in Canada, who shares wisdom of old ages. His story – the image of how women need to hold space for the new to be birthed, was very inspiring to me (and the group holding Collective Presencing at the time).

This lady, Bo Forbes, does such a good job in explaining what we actually mean with subtle sensing and embodiment!