2 thoughts on “Putting labels… or subtle receiving

  1. Bruce Schuman

    This video makes me laugh. “Our languages is not up to speed with this. Ja?” So extremely very absolutely true. So there is this way of describing the problem as “linear” — because, yes, it is “linearly sequential” — which is a clumsy and unnatural acrobatic for experiencing a holistic everything-at-once reality — so just the sequencing alone creates distortions (see the very excellent book “The Alphabet Versus the Goddess”). But then, beyond that issue — there are also these “either/or” categories — everything must be pinned down in a box — this one, not that one. What about shades of gray? What about continuity? Though it might just be another approach to linearity, I personally find the concepts of “mystical geometry” to be helpful. I think the concept of “alignment” can say a lot. I’d say “alignment to center” is becoming my religion –because it seems like that approach does “contain everything” — and when humbly approached, seems quite magical. I am finding myself as a geometric map-maker — loving language, but knowing we need these big-picture alignment concepts. What we want to do — is “collective alignment” — or if I am not misreading, “collective presencing”. Come to center, come to alignment, surrender in humility and respect (“surrender” really just means let go, exhale) — and then receive. I think this is what we are trying to master — to understand intellectually, as per the map — and actualize, as per “be the change”. Like Rumi says — “Let’s meet there”. Thank you!

    1. Ria Baeck Post author

      Thanks Bruce for your comment! yes to the ‘big-picture alignment concepts’! and all the rest you have been writing here.
      Thanks again!


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