Events (grid)

Book Club

The Book Club: A new approach to conversations around the book, which is 18:00 for most of the EU, and 12 noon North American Eastern Time. If you are interested, please first contact Brandon by e-mail, again at, with username brandon.wade18

Open drop-in calls

Most weeks, we host WEEKLY, OPEN, DROP-IN CALLS, “getting a taste of Collective Presencing” + exercise your collective sensing muscles.

Deep Dive

Since the summer 2020, we have hosted different Deep Dive groups – weekly 2-hour calls, for 6 weeks, with a committed group diving deep into the practice.

    Individual meets Collective

    “Individual meets Collective in Presencing” is intended as another path to bring individual concerns into our shared collective space, opening Collective Presencing to new enquiries and approaches. It is not a regular event, but held on request.

    We are offering it to people who have some experience of Collective Presencing; who, in addition, understand that this is an experiment, and who approach it in an open spirit of “let’s see what happens”.

    The question that we hold with this experiment is:

    “Can we listen to the concerns and lived experience of individuals and come up with a shared inquiry that can be held in a Collective Presencing session?”

    We are inspired to do this for new life to emerge, both in the individual and in other participants; to broaden the potential and reach of Collective Presencing into a wider variety of perspectives relevant to people’s lives.