Download & Give What Feels Right

Our offer
In the end, we aim for a beautiful, printed version of this book on Collective Presencing. For now, we are delighted to share this e-book on: What becomes possible when we are truly present together? We want to make the book available online, without any pay wall.

Our effort
Thousands of hours were given to figure out the underlying principles and articulate them in this book. Everyone involved in this process believed it would make a difference in the world, and now we joyfully offer the product of that work as a gift to the commons.

Your contribution
As we offer, we invite donations to support and nurture this work — and its unfolding — into the future. You can download this ebook for free, but we would appreciate any contribution you are able to make, however small. Here is the proposal, maybe an experiment for you: we give you the e-book, and you give back whatever feels right for you, even when that is €0, £0 or $0! (Ready to give? donate here!)

How could it work?

  1. Put a note in your calendar some time in the future (say in a month’s time) to consider what you’d like to give back, for the value you got from the e-book. (Our online system will send you an automatic email a month after download, but don’t count on it to remind you. These mails often get lost or filtered out).
  2. This link takes you to a form to fill out, we get your details and you get immediately the link to download the book as an EPUB (many e-book readers); with also an alternative to read the book as a web page.

Though you are free to copy the e-book within certain limits, we ask you please to refer other people to this page, to give them a chance to give as well, as they take their own copy.