Contributions through Open Collective

Collective Presencing is based on the gift economy. All open sessions, all community work and all organisation is done by volunteers.
Your contribution/donation – for the book, open sessions or other groups/projects – is first of all used for various online costs and further to support development of the Collective Presencing practice and community.

We have chosen to work with Open Collective: “a fundraising + legal status + money management platform”, used by many online and open source communities. So, we don’t need a legal entity to handle donations and expenses. They do that for us.

The website says you can contribute “via credit card, via Paypal, or via bank transfer (aka ACH or wire transfer)”. All transactions go safely through Stripe.
Here is the COLLECTIVE PRESENCING COLLECTIVE PAGE ON OPEN COLLECTIVE. Chose DONATION, for a one-time contribution (chose to enter your name or stay anonymous);
OR CHOOSE SPONSOR for a monthly contribution. The platform will guide you through the next simple steps.


If for any reason the above doesn’t work, you can always just follow
this link to donate through PayPal