Collective Presencing Deep Dives

Do you want to experience deep sense-making, in a small group?
Do you know that there is something beyond your own experience that only emerges in deep collective reflection?
Do you want to experience “thinking the thoughts I can’t think on my own; feeling the feelings I can’t feel on my own”?
Do you want to feel brimming with life, through dialogue?

Join one of our Deep Dives!

  • once a week, for 6 weeks in a row, full immersion in generative dialogue (1,5 hour)
  • each time combined with reflection on the experience, connecting it with parts of the book, elements of the practice, background models and theory (+ half hour – makes 2 hours in total)
  • with a committed, dedicated group – be prepared to join 6 times & registration needed!
  • max.15 people, team included
  • around a question that really matters!

What it will bring you:

  • deeper trust in your own inner wisdom
  • an exquisite experience of diving deep into the embodiment of inter-relatedness and inter-weaving with others
  • deeper understanding of the different elements of the Collective Presencing practice
  • discovering and exercising this new human muscle of [I/we]
  • a glimpse into what is inside of a real and important question
  • and much more…

Plans are in the making for new Deep Dives starting in Autumn. Leave your details to be informed – click here.

Payment / Gift

— We are inspired by “Pay from the Heart”. It means you check in with your heart and arrive at a payment that feels right to you. We want you to feel good about the relationship – what you receive in the program, and what you give to sustain us. 

— We calculated that the edge-of-sustainable price for us is around €385,-. That’s the price we’re proposing. However, we really do mean Pay from the Heart. You can pay less, or more, than that price, and we will receive it with real gratitude.  

— As a minimum we see €180,- (€30,- per session), that would feel balanced in our hearts for the value and care we bring in. 
The exception to this minimum: We know that some people are in really hard spots. If paying €180,- is going to put your food or shelter at risk, please pay less. This is also true if you live in an economy where the exchange rate with euros means €180,- is an absurdly large amount of money for you.

— Feeling the possibilities of what this kind of support would mean to you, you first decide to take part in a Deep Dive(or not). Then make a second decision of how much you want to give. Take time to both think about the reality of your financial situation and to sense into your heart what number feels right.

Please fill in your details here.
If you can’t join now but want to hear when future events are organised: click here.