Collective Presencing Deep Dive

Embrace fearlessly this burning world.
– Berry Lopez

The times are urgent, we must slow down.
– Bayo Akomolafe


You are invited to an 8-week immersion process, – a Deep Dive – with women willing to be together in not knowing.

We all stand in the midst of a burning world. It’s too big! I can’t do it alone!

What happens if we can be still, together, next to the ocean of tears?

This Collective Presencing Deep Dive is for those willing to pause in the midst of the density of this time. Can we trust that in not knowing we build our capacity for respectful exchange with the subtle, the invisible, and the more-than-human worlds? 
What happens when we bring a willingness to ask: What voices or possibilities have we not listened to – and are missing?

Indigenous elder Ilarion Merculieff speaks of circles of women capable of holding the energetics of the womb of the universe. This Deep Dive is a possible response to this call. Deep emotional work may await us… We will also ask those who gather to deepen their connection with Earth (asking for her support, offering gifts to the land and water, finding ways to make offerings of beauty, of apology, of reciprocity).

This Deep Dive will use Collective Presencing, a dialogue and circle practice, which invites us to slow down and allow full attention to the person speaking.  After a check-in, a dialog question is offered that acts as a psychoactive substance, as we allow our responses to be shared from and through the middle.  We will develop capacities for multilevel listening:  the personal, the we-space of the group, the more than human as well as the field holding the unfolding process, treating these as an unfolding emergent complex system. We will experience that it is possible to “speak when spoken through” rather than from the egoïc “me,” in a fluid, gracious learning space we create together. 

Co-hosts: Marianne Spitzform, Linda Kochman and Ria Baeck (max.12 participants)

Dates: 8 Saturdays, Oct.1 till Nov19, 10 – 12am MT, 12 – 2pm ET, 6 – 8pm CEST

Information – Registration: send an email to Marianne Spitzform (mspitzform at or Linda Kochman (hartkochman at + donate a gift to the Collective Presencing collective here : we suggest an amount around $100, or a bit more or a bit less.

“The field of potential is in need of us, embodied human beings, to  make it visible, tangible, manifest.  It is only through us that the potential can be embodied and can result in generative action that can actually change something fundamentally.” – Ria Baeck, Collective Presencing

“. . . deep within us through all those frightening and lonely centuries we have guarded a treasure, a precious secret knowledge: someday women, reuniting love and freedom, would transfigure the world.” –  Sonia Johnson

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