Category: chapter 2

2.4 Widening balance as a Process of Outer Alignment

In the first chapter we described the process of becoming ever more present to ourselves, in all our nuances and fullness. This unfolding authenticity as a process of inner alignment, is accompanied by another alignment that extends from our selves out to what is around us. Exploring this inner and outer territory, we are building […]

2.3 Shadow and gift

Shadow does not exist by itself, it is cast, by a real physical body. … shadow is shaped by presence. Presence comes a priori to the flaws and absences that we say cast a shadow… shadow is a beautiful, inverse, confirmation of our incarnation. Shadow is intimated absence; almost a template of presence. It is […]

2.2 Poem: Companioning

Companioning is about being present to another person’s pain; It is not about taking away the pain. Companioning is about going to the wilderness of the soul with another human being; it is not about thinking you are responsible for finding the way out. Companioning is about honoring the spirit; it is not about focusing […]