Author: Ria Baeck

6.3 The Process of Subtle Inner Alignment: Unfolding Generative Capacity

In the map of the Circle of Presence, the vertical axis relates to a process of inner alignment or unfolding authenticity, during which we learn to become present, freeing ourselves from layer upon layer of conditioning and mainstream ways of behaving and thinking. This process of becoming present and opening ever more to the subtle […]

6.2 From Authentic Self to Soul’s Calling

But what all stories talk about, stories always begin with some sort of seeming calamity, and a need to gather spirit amongst people. But spirit isn’t the same thing as soul. It’s slightly different. What will be interesting over the next decade or so as this movement grows and others, is to see what happens […]

5.3 No brand, no organisation – WMtE part 5

We were sitting in Judy’s car, driving through the beautiful New England landscape, returning home after our sixth gathering of Women Moving the Edge at the Essex Conference Center and wondering what would be next. Neither of us had a sense of calling a next gathering. Then what? Both of us, as co-initiators, had alternately […]

5.2 A New Human Capacity as beyond paradoxes

Our tendency to conceptualize our own mental activities in terms of subject-object relations and of the inner-outer dimension has been noted, as has the evident ease with which we project these notions inward and outward to explain all manner of creation and change, stability and intractability. We have an ancient heritage of thought about essence […]