9.8 Circle of Creation

I tend to go along with the idea of an expanding universe; I don’t have an Omega. I don’t think there’s a final end point; I think it’s a song that goes on singing. We don’t sing the song in order to come to the end of it. The divine Self-expression isn’t trying to complete itself. We impose that idea because we generally do things with some kind of a defined goal, but here we’re doing something with the Infinite, and so it doesn’t have a limited or defined goal for itself. It’s trying to express the Infinite in the various media of finitude. I would say that life attains its goal—it becomes what it is supposed to be, fulfills itself—precisely by never coming to an end. If it ever did come to an end in which there was no more novelty, there would be no more life; it would be dead.
– Beatrice Bruteau

The Circle of Presence gave us insights and a methodology for collectively reaching a place where we all are present and can start to live from collective wisdom. A Circle of Creation is built on the assumption that speaking, acting and living from stillness, as participants in collectives, is an acquired skill and that we are ready to jump even deeper and wider. This will make our circles, gatherings and teams ready for a deeper emergence that is in service of and in resonance with more of the world and the Earth around us. It is a search to live constantly in the emergent and come together to full generativity.

The difference between a Circle of Presence – where we learn how to become really present together, so that we are ready to presence more of the present potential – and a Circle of Creation is, well… about creating and being fully generative in a collective way. I remember being in the gathering at Hazelwood House – the first international gathering that I was part of, in September 2005 – and asking myself about this difference: Do we feel a need to change (something that is already here)? Or: Do we feel a need to co-create (something totally new)?

It is clear by now, that we understand creation here as an artistic and collective expression where really something new comes forward, where you all feel really alive in the process. To me, I think that’s what we, as humans, are actually looking for and we can use this quality of experience as hallmark or benchmark to gauge how we are doing.

A Circle of Creation is a deepening of what is possible in the inter-subjective space, the We-space, but also fully Here and fully Now. It is a new human capacity that hasn’t been possible before because it integrates full individuality and authenticity with a collective calling and purpose. This is uncharted terrain. In a way, we try to connect the deep individuation that is so typical for Western society nowadays with the subtler community and connection levels of indigenous societies; or as it can be recognised in mysticism.

You will notice in this map that we build on the movements described in the first map, both vertical and horizontal. The process of unfolding authenticity, integrating more and more subtle information, jumps to an unfolding generativity. The movement of widening balance, becomes a widening coherence, as our awareness of interweaving and interpenetration grows.

In a Circle of Creation, we are no longer limited to the space of conversation or the space of a group’s meeting. Continually expanding in all dimensions, we see that conversations among humans are ‘too small’. We are expanding our awareness into nature and Earth itself, into the history of the land and the people, into the future and into more subtle levels all around. It also includes a deeper alignment with space and time. We will have noticed along the way that we have had to give up many good intentions and ideas because they didn’t seem to be aligned, expressed in (not) right place and (not) right timing. This is what we call the We-in-Now and We-in-Here. From this total collective presence, now and here, we can live more of the present potential with qualities of radical amazement and joy, living – collectively conscious – generativity all around.

Download the Circle of Creation map: 9.8 Circle of Creation map

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