Month: February 2017

4.4 What is Sourcing?

Experience does not occur in the clothing of verbal phrases. It involves clashes of emotion, and unspoken revelation of the nature of things. Revelation is the primary characterisation of the process of knowing…. Revelation is the enlargement of clarity. It is not a deduction… – Alfred N. Whitehead, The Aims of Education and Other Essays […]

4.2 Circle of Presence – building capacity for Authentic Collective Wisdom

I have used the concept Circle of Presence several times already, so it is time to clarify exactly what I mean by it. A Circle of Presence is: any group or team (around 4 to 12 people) that comes together regularly over a longer period of time using circle practice as the core methodology for […]

4.1 Development, Evolution and Participation

Chapter 4: I and Potential: Collective Wisdom This chapter started out called ‘I and Evolution’, then became ‘I and Future’; ‘Evolution’ and ‘future’ are such all-encompassing concepts, though, that they just aren’t specific enough to serve in concrete situations. However, as I gradually gained clarity about what we were really inquiring into and relating with, […]