Table of contents

This site is dedicated to the manifestation of a book called Generating the Future Together. Collective Presencing, our New Human Capacity. (current title). Now and then (I had hoped like every week, but that is not how life makes it happen) new and next parts of the book will be posted for you to read and comment on. Here you find the table of contents, so that you can situate the parts that you are reading.

If you can’t wait to have a full picture of what the book is about, then read the 4 Kosmos Journal articles published from Spring/Summer 2012 on – although some of the ideas have changed since then.

0.0 Introduction

New human capacity
How you can read this book

Part 1 I and Myself

1.1 Beginning of the New Beginning
My lived action research
Integrating science, consciousness and sourcing
Blending individual and collective knowing
Practices as embodied intentions

1.2 How Women Moving the Edge started WMtE Part 1

1.3 Subtle Sensing and the Body
One poem and Quotes
Experience: body sensations, reflections and subtle sensing
Subtle intelligence
Practices of sensing in daily life

1.4 Being Present as a Process
Being present as becoming present
The process of inner alignment: unfolding authenticity
Four movements in unfolding authenticity
Observing what is
Accepting what is
Honoring what is
Living what is

1.5 Preparing the first WMtE gatheringWMtE Part 2

1.6 Opening to my Authentic Self
Observing what is – in myself
Accepting what is – in myself
Honoring what is – in myself
Living what is – in myself
The experience of inner alignment


Part 2 I and You

2.1 Mainstream and Shadow
Daylight and Night consciousness
Figure and Ground
Reason and Feeling
Justice and Care
Different spiritual paths
Two types evolving

2.2 Companioning – Alan Wolfelt

2.3 Shadow and Gift
Ego isn’t bad! Neither is shadow!
The gift is in the trauma

2.4 Widening Balance as a Process of Outer Alignment
I and You
I and Us
I and Potential

2.5 Opening to Authentic Relationship
Observing what is – in relationship
Accepting what is – in relationship
Honoring what is – in relationship
Living what is – in relationship


Part 3 I and Us

3.1 What is Holding Space?

3.2 A Perspective on Emergence
Spirit-Source Model
Emergence of Collective Wisdom
Ongoing spiral between Holding Space and Staying in Inquiry

3.3 Basic Circle Practice
Description of basic circle practice
Welcoming and framing
Introducing the circle practice
Talking piece and listening
Closing the circle
Phases in the life of a circle

3.4 Hosting the first circle of inquiry – WMtE Part 3

3.5 Opening to this Authentic Group
Observing what is – in a group
Accepting what is – in a group
Honoring what is – in a group
Living what is – in a group


Part 4 I and Potential

4.1 Development, Evolution and Participation

4.2 Circle of Presence
Collective intelligence and collective wisdom
Learning and healing

4.3 A Warrior has no safety net

4.4 What is Sourcing?
The experience of sourcing
Sourcing and similar concepts
Some more inspiration…

4.5 What if we are gathering for the world?WMtE part 4

4.6 Opening to Authentic Collective Wisdom

4.7 The Circle of Presence Map


Part 5 The Journey of Transition

5.1 Conscious closure

5.2 A New Human Capacity as beyond paradoxes
Dawning of integral consciousness
Beyond us and them – by circles of expanding diversity
Beyond knowing and feeling – through collective inquiry and sourcing
Beyond humans and nature – by unique contribution to life
Beyond feminine and masculine – by creating and generating more of life

5.3 No brand. No organisation – WMtE part 5


Part 6 I-in-Now

6.1 Intro – Taking the leap
Welcome to the new paradigm
Orienting to the map for the Circle of Creation
Taking the leap

6.2 From Authentic Self to Soul’s Calling
Practicing full participation in life
The last tricks of ego
Too small or too big
Projections onto the system
Conceptual shadow
Taking the leap

6.3 The Process of Subtle Inner Alignment as Unfolding Generative Capacity
The process of subtle inner alignment as unfolding generative capacity
Four movements in unfolding generative capacity

6.4 Enjoying an emergent life
Go where the juice is
Live in not-knowing
Don’t believe in money
Feeling called, being a caller
Open Will
I need you, because of us

6.5 Opening to I-in-Now

6.6 Away from linear thinking – WMtE part 6

Part 7 We-in-Now

7.1 Collective Calling
Circle of Seven
Collective Callings
The practice of invitation
Intention as guiding question

7.2 The Simple Practice and Power of Witnessing

The practice of witnessing and being witnessed
Witnessing collective pain
Contain and transmute powerlessness
The wild is what is

7.3 Deeper Circle Practice
Speaking from silence
Generative dialogue
Articulating subtle knowing
Disturbance as invitation
Participating in the web of life

7.4 Collective Sourcing
7.5 Holding Not-Knowing-Yet
7.6 Opening to We-in-Now

Part 8 We-in-Here

8.0 Quote What is Life?
8.1 Dying in Atlantis + intro
8.2 Wholeness of Knowing
8.3 What if it is easy?
8.4 The next, elegant, minimal step
8.5 Opening to We-in-Here
8.6 Widening Coherence as Process of Subtle Outer Alignment

Part 9 We-Now-Here and Potential

9.1 We-Now-Here and potential
9.2 The field of potential in need of us
9.3 In love with life’s potential
9.4 Women Moving the Edge – part 9
9.5 Collective Presencing applied
9.6 Life as ongoing, unfolding, creative event
9.7 Evolution, not development
9.8 Circle of Creation map
9.9 Hosting Circles of Creation