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You might be interested in what is possible when self-organisation and participation is deeply invited. You might have heard about Teal organisations and/or about We spaces, in one form or another. You have experienced the power of circle practice… Many have sensed that more is possible, but few know what practices to use exactly. The book Collective Presencing offers you stories, insights and practices!

Collective Presencing is the theoretical and practical harvest of the action research project called Women Moving the Edge. It is currently a book with the working title: Collective Presencing, our New Human Capacity. Manifesting Potential at the Collective Level. It articulates the steps and levels to come to a collective, generative space and offers the practices to do that.

The Women Moving the Edge project was co-initiated by Judy Wallace and myself (Ria Baeck), and took form with the help and active participation of many other women. It has run for 6 years and included 13 gatherings (from ’06 till ’12, both in Europe and the US). By mid ’12 the energy felt round and finished… all the material that you find in this Collective Presencing site and book is a compilation of all the learnings from all these gatherings… it was time to harvest.

After the 4 Kosmos articles, published from Spring/Summer 2012 on, this website holds the full content of the book! You can read, share, ask questions and make comments. You can start here.
This year we have put the book together as a read-through online book – much easier to read! – with many endnotes and fully checked out references. You can download it and read it offline. It holds links to the blog posts, in case you would like to ask a question or make a remark, or post a response. Use your browsers own search function to search through the whole book.

The practices described in this book are part of the emerging field of what is many times called We-space. Andrew Venezia, in his Integral Research Project, names it (in philosophical and scientific language) “the awake and ontologicaly unique and active We and the subjective experience of this phenomenon”. I agree with him that this term “had gotten watered down to include experiences of empathic community”. You will find clear distinctions here about a collective space that becomes aware of presence and empathy, and on the other hand the collective space that embodies this presence and empathy to co-create and generate potential that hasn’t seen the light of day (yet). Some more links to this wider field are offered under Resources.

The story of Collective Presencing is very related to the kind of person that I am, always looking for the next thing that is possible, the next piece of potential that wants to surface; never interested in doing something a second time in the same way; by the time I have figured something out, I want to move on… in other words: constantly experimenting, testing and prototyping to understand and manifest what works on a systemic level.

At the moment my online presence is between my old Vitis website, a not-ready-yet Percolab Belgium website and a soon to be renewed Percolab international website.

With love,
Ria Baeck