Collective Presencing, an emerging human capacity.
What becomes possible when we are truly present together.


Here you can discover a book – a whole framework actually – describing a potential held by small groups (called circles) that few people have yet seen or even suspect might exist. Through 9 chapters, the book describes all the dimensions and areas of life that you will touch upon if you embark on the journey to that potential. It describes the pitfalls along the way and the competencies needed to make it happen.

There are, so far, 3 ways of reading this material.
* Before the whole book had taken shape an overview was published in four articles in Kosmos magazine. These will give you a quick glance of what this is all about.
* Over the years, the different chapters with all their sections were published here on this blog. They are still here so you can leave your comments below the sections if you like. I would appreciate that! Here is the first section or start with the table of contents.
* This year we have put the book together as a read-through online book – much easier to read! – with many endnotes and fully checked out references. You can download it and read it offline. It holds links to the blog posts, in case you would like to ask a question, make a comment, or post a response. Use your browser’s own search function to search through the whole book.

We are taking action to make a printed book available soon! Leave me a message if you would be interested.

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Inspiring videos

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